Thursday, February 7, 2013

6 Months Later

Six months ago, Miss Josie became a member of our family.  When I think back on that day, it is almost humorous.  It wasn't anything like any of our other additions.  We knew for 9 months that Ty and Henry were  each on their way.  We prepared for Ren for over five years.  With all three of them there was the usual fan fare, excitement, showers, visits to the hospital, trip to China, the usual, right?  But Josie.......the whole process took about three weeks.  Our social worker pulled up in her minivan and delivered Josie.  Our boys were extremely confused.  They didn't understand why we weren't packing for China.  The day was so.....uneventful, I guess is the only way to describe it.  But let me reassure you, life since that day has been anything but.....and not because things have been difficult;  absolutely, the opposite.  Life with Josie can be described with one word, MIRACULOUS. She is kind and gentle,  loving and joyful, smart and endearing.  She has grown tremendously in her speech and in her overall development.  She is amazing.

And on to another miraculous turn, Josie's adoption fees were $15,000.  And of course, we had no money.  We haven't had much of a chance to rebuild our savings since our last adoption.  Right off the bat we received three grants that totaled a little over $6000!  We only needed $8600.  By December, we still did not have the money, though I have to say, I wasn't really worried.  I mean my Lord brought my Chinese daughter TO me, I knew He could take care of the fees.  And He did!!!  Our adoption Agency, Bethany Christian Services, has amazing donors.  They had approached one of their donors concerning Josie's adoption fees.  By the end of the conversation, they had committed to paying off Josie's entire adoption!!!  As if that weren't enough, our agency shared with us that the donors were the same donors that had given a $4000 grant to our family to begin Ren's adoption over 7 years ago.  We are not allowed to know personal information about our donors, but I know this; because of their obedience to the Lord, their hearts for orphans, and their selfless giving, I have two beautiful little girls that have forever changed my life.

As I lay in bed and think on all the Lord has done, I marvel at how good He is and how much He loves the orphan.  He calls people to adopt.  He calls people to pray.  He calls people to serve.  He calls people to give.  It is amazing to see how He has so woven our story together with so many of His servants. I hope you will be encouraged by Josie's story.  I hope you can see the hand of the Lord, but also see that He has a plan for you to do your part to "bring justice to the fatherless", Isaiah 1:17.

Here's a video of our precious girl!  You might have to pause the playlist to hear the video:)

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  1. LOVE this story! I love your heart! I love little Josie...and I love that God loved her so much that he brought her to you! You make me want to be a better person, Renee!!!!

    Love you