Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ren's Ultrasound

When I was pregnant with each of the boys, one of my favorite things was the very first ultrasounds.  I was just lying on that table, staring at the screen.  So excited. So afraid.  I always held my breath just waiting to hear the most precious sound in the world.  After moments of terrible anticipation, there it was.  The beating of their little hearts.  At that stage in the pregnancies, it was always too early to tell if they were boys or girls.  But none of that matter.  At those moments, those first beats of their hearts, I knew one thing.  I had forever lost mine.  From the second I knew of each one of my children, they have stolen my heart.

For the last few years, if you had taken an "ultrasound of my heart", you would have seen a picture of China.  I knew on the other side of the world, there was a little heart already beating, that was just waiting for her mommy to hear it.  When we first received the phone call in January that we had been matched with our daughter, they told us her name, age, location, and special need.  We did not see a picture of her.  Our social worker asked us if we wanted her.  My sweet husband said, "All we can say is Yes"!  And again, I knew my heart was not my own.  And very soon it will be forever joined to my sweet baby girl, Ren.


  1. Perfectly said! I love the blog and we can't wait to follow your journey to Ren! She is beautiful and I know your are just so excited! You'll be holding her soon!


  2. How lovely! I share your joy on the expansion of your lovely family! I hope you rest when you can!

  3. Just read all of your blog entries. I am really excited for you guys!!! I will pray for safe travels for you both. I am really encouraged by you guys living out James 1:27! Love you guys!!