Monday, August 16, 2010

Walking Worthy

In the middle of preparing to go to China, I have also been preparing for another journey.  It's one that I knew was coming, but had no idea how emotional it would be. 

I was walking through the mall the other day, hand-in-hand with my sweet Ty.  I asked him for a hug.  He gave me a big hug and then said, "And a kiss too!"   Right in the middle of Hamilton Place Mall, my son gave me a kiss; completely unashamed.  Immediately my heart broke with the realization that it wouldn't be too long before he would be "too cool" to even go to the mall with his mom.

As we've prepared for this new journey all summer long, I have thought, "I wonder what parents feel like who send their adult children off to the foreign mission field."  On some small scale I think I know.  Because last Friday I didn't walk my son through the mall, but through the halls of New Hope Elementary School.  He wasn't going to Africa or China, but he was starting kindergarten!

Ty, where ever  you walk, your mommy loves you and prays Colossians 1:10, that you would "walk worthy of the Lord and please Him in every way."


  1. Renee, I totally balled my es out reading this. You and Tyson are some amazing people. I too had fertility problems and nener thought I could get pregnant, I did of couirse, but adoption would have been my chosen path as well. I love that you said God has no cultrual or ethnic prefrences. Basically love is blind, I couldn't agree more. I wish you guys a safe and speedy trip. May God bless you and the new addition to your family. Maybe we could get Ren and Maggie together for a play date some time. I would love to catch up with you. If you need anything at all my number is 706-537-3912. Call anytime. Love you!

  2. Hi Renee, my very special friend! Have I told you how wonderful you are? What a sweet post.
    You are going to be leaving soon, and I pray for your family every day! I thought I'd post to let you know I am watching your blog, and axiously await "gotcha day." I will continue to pray for the little ones you leave at home.
    What an amazing journey! We are right behind you, leaving on September 15th!!!

  3. I just got the "I'm too big Mom, it's not cool!" I wanted to cry... Alex started first grade and I drove him to school that first day expecting to walk him in... He would not let me, he said that I would "ruin" his image (in those exact words!). Enjoy every minute of Ty still kissing you no matter where you are. I still get the kisses and hugs, but it's only if no one can see :-(
    Can't wait to see your new addition.