Monday, August 30, 2010

Ren's Firsts

It is hard to believe that we have had Ren less than a week.  It seems like she has always been with us and I guess in many ways she has.  The last few days have been many "firsts" for Ren; her first ride in a taxi, her first tub bath, her first trip to an aquarium, her first diet Coke, and best of all, her first time being smothered with kisses from her parents!
Yesterday we went shopping/bartering at a clothing market, we went to an acrobatic show.  Ren was not too impressed.  We spent the show in the lobby eating cheerios.
Today we went to the Cloisonne Factory and the Great Wall.  The Cloisonne Factory was very interesting.  You would definitely recognize the vases from any Chinese buffet in America.  The amount of work that goes in to each piece is unbelievable.  Since Ren was born in 2008, she is Rat, according to the Chinese Zodiac calendar.  Of course her daddy had to buy her a "Cloisonne Rat"!
The Great Wall was unbelievable!  I would so like to say I climbed some part of it, but after several steps, we were done.  There is some good footage of "our hike" that I hope to post on Facebook.  We went in a few temples.  One temple was the Horse God temple.  On one side it was very funny.  There were a group of Europeans doing some kind of something in front of the temple.  When you stepped inside, there was an altar.  People still go in to pray and leave offerings.  It was a very eerie feeling.  I could not help but praise the Lord that our sweet Ren would now grow up being taught to worship God our Creator, instead of worshiping creation.
We ended our day at an International Hospital.  I noticed yesterday that Ren had a coating on her tongue that I was sure was Thrush.  Yep!  It is and she also has a mild infection in both ears.  She is now bathed, fed, medicated, and sleeping, like my baby.
Yes! That's Tyson and Flat Stanley!

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  1. I love reading about all these fun things you are doing in China! We loved the Hutong rickshaw ride. Ren is just precious and looks like she is doing great! Praise the Lord!