Friday, August 27, 2010

The Lord has Done Great Things!

There is so  much to say.  I am not sure words can express all the events of the last few days.  I think I will just share pictures of Ren and let her tell you her story.  The first pictures are from her "Forever Family Day", the day she met her mommy and daddy that she now belongs to forever!
Ren meets mommy.
Ren's nanny.
A few hours after we received Ren we went to our first government appointments.
Appointment at the China Civil Affairs Office
First bottle with Daddy!

So far our little girl is very quiet and a little somber.  The poor thing has no idea what has happened to her. Everything about her life has completely changed.  Nothing looks, smells, sounds, or tastes like anything she's ever known.  She looks at us with those big eyes and I'm sure has no idea how much she is loved.  

Of this one thing we are sure, Psalm 126:3, "The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy!"  We are filled with joy that can only come from following Christ and watching His miraculous plans for our family unfold.


  1. I have looked at these pictures over and over again today and each time I find something new to be in awe over! Many people talked to me today and said they were bawling, or tearing up when they saw you on TV! :)
    She is beautiful and she is not only loved by you and Tyson--she has a New Hope family that is totally in love with her! :)

    And...don't forget...what size is she? :)


  2. I have been checking and waiting, checking and waiting- and FINALLY! What a beautiful family picture! She is so beautiful! I know you must be feeling so blessed right now. God is so awesome and I think about all our emails and how patient you were with the paperwork and oh my goodness- the wait was so worth it!!! What a darling, oh I am so excited for you!!!! Please email me when you can and tell me everything!

  3. She is just beautiful and I am loving those bows! I know how excited and overwhelmed with joy you are. What an experience! I can't wait for Ren and Mia to meet soon!

    Much love to you,

  4. I am so proud of you both and love you very much!
    Praying for a safe trip home and can't wait to meet sweet little Ren!

  5. Hallelujah for your obedience. It is a great lesson to all who know and love you. This has been a long time coming, but you have been patient and faithful. I am in awe of Gods love for his children. I am trying to be patient as I wait for your homecoming and I am definately being faithful in my daily prayers for you and your safety! Thank you for your example of a christian servant. I love you all!!!!!