Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Great Ride!

The first few days with Ren were mostly spent in the hotel room or in government offices.  For the most part she has remained very quiet and seemed very introverted.  Well, that was until yesterday.
Our first stop of the day was the Blue Zoo, which is an aquarium in Beijing.  The aquarium was mostly like the ones in the US, with the exception of the live mermaids!  The family that went with us to the aquarium adopted Zach.  We are almost sure he and Ren know each other.  They are from the same orphanage and they have the same special needs, (cleft lip/cleft palate).  When Ren sees Zach she immediately smiles and laughs. Plans for an arranged marriage are in the works! HA!
Later that evening we went to an unbelievable outdoor mall.  It was so creatively named, "The Place".  Little Miss Ren went wild.  She laughed and danced.  She walked everywhere.  She even made silly faces!  She was also the center of attention.  Lots of Chinese people came up and asked, "Take picture?"  They all wanted a picture of her.  They also kept saying, "She so beautiful!"  I asked our tour guide about all that and apparently Ren has the most desired skin tone by the Chinese, the fairer the skin, the more beautiful.  So not only is she a wild woman, she is also a little princess.
Before we came to China we were told that we may be approached by Chinese young adults who were just wanting to practice their english.  Well, we met a guy at the mall, who wanted to practice his english.  He told Tyson over and over again, "You are handsome!"  Hilarious!  He also wanted to know if Tyson liked beer!  Too funny.

Our great adventure!

At the end of the evening we had a slight communication error.  We asked a guy that drove one of the bikes with the carriage on the back to take us to KFC.  KFC was the only thing in Beijing that we did NOT see.  He asked us for our card, (hotel card).  After stopping for directions five times, an hour and a half and thirty dollars later, we arrived at our hotel!  We went all over Beijing.  He took that bike on the interstate, through the ghetto, and anywhere else you could think of.  Ren laughed, pointed, and clapped through the whole adventure!  Since we lived through it, it was a great ride!

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  1. Oh my word. She is already a Griffin!!!! She came alive at the mall and she is beautiful...she can't deny her family now! Love your pictures and adventures! Can't wait to see you on Skype again. You are missed here but we know you are doing important work.

    love you---
    paige (uhm...the one who needs sizes!!!)