Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Last Day in China

It seems like only yesterday when Tyson and I were living in Chicago.  He was a student at Moody Bible Institute; I was teaching.  It was a great time in our life.  That was  four kids and almost 10 years ago.  While at Moody, we met wonderful people and formed life long friendships.  The thing about so many of our friends from Moody is that we can go years without seeing each other, but still continue to have a special bond.  Mark and Alice Lam are friends of ours from Moody.  They are a couple from Hong Kong.  Mark was a student at Moody with Tyson.  We met Alice only once when she came to visit Mark in the states.  Though our time in Chicago was brief, they have always had a special place in our hearts.  We have always said if we ever made it to China, we would visit Mark and Alice.  Tyson contacted Alice through Facebook and the rest is history.  We were hoping for at least a brief visit with them.  We had no idea what they had in store for us. Mark toured us all over Hong Kong.  He took us to "The Peak" where we could see the magnificent views of Hong Kong.  We strolled along "Star Avenue".  They treated us to a delicious dinner and an unbelievable light show over looking Victoria Harbor. They also took Ren to Toys R Us and bought her a Hello Kitty toy.  It was her first trip to Toys R Us and she was amazed.

We, too, were amazed.  It wasn't the toys, the dinner, or even the breath-taking views.  We were amazed, once again, by the goodness of our Lord.  Who would have know that ten years later, we would be in Hong Kong, China, with the Lams and introducing them to our Chinese daughter?

To Mark and Alice, you will never know what today meant to us.  The love and hospitality you showed to us was unbelievable.  WE could not think of a better way to spend our daughter's last day in her native land.  We love you both and can't wait for our paths to cross again!


  1. How sweet when God takes a friendship from ten years ago and uses it to bless you in a time and place where He has already asked you to totally trust Him. And what sweet friends.

    I LOVE the last picture! You and Ren look completely content with each other!

    SOOOOOOOOO glad you are on the way home.

    love you-

  2. Ren looks so happy and relaxed in that last photo. How PRECIOUS!!!!! I can tell she is a blessed little heart! Melissa J Hodges