Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How much did she cost?????

You would not believe how often I get this question.  Some people reading this may think that this question is offensive, but it has never offended me.  In fact, I love this question because the answer always points to the miraculous hand of our Lord.

First, let me answer this question from a practical and/or spiritual point of view.  How much did Ren cost?  She cost the same thing all my other kids have cost.  She cost time, effort, sleep, tears, and more than anything, she cost me my own selfishness.  What a small price to pay to be the mother of a little Chinese princess.  I heard a preacher on Moody Radio say that God's answer for selfishness, is to give us children.  I agree with that statement 100%.  I never knew how self centered my world was until Ty Griffin was born.  I am still amazed with every additional child, how much selfishness still remains in me.  I praise the Lord for all of my children and could never repay Him for the joy they bring.

Ok, now for the answer people really want.  How much did Ren cost????  Before I tell you, you have to watch the following video clip or you won't get part of my story.

When Tyson and I first began our adoption journey, we both held to the personal conviction that our adoption would be debt free.  We were determined that we would not get a loan, borrow money from our families, or use credit cards.  It is not that we think any of those things are wrong.  It was our way of saying, "Ok Lord, if this is what you want us to do, You will have to provide the money!"  Our very first payment was $500.  We paid that.  Our next payment was $6000.  We stopped.  We didn't have it. Please keep in mind that this was years before we were matched with Ren.  This was just the beginning of the paper work.  We told our social worker that when we had the money, we would pay.  She was aware of our debt free commitment.  Out of the blue, our social worker called and told us that she had an anonymous donor that wanted to pay $3000 of our payment.  She asked us if we would accept that?!@  We were blown away.  And if that wasn't enough, she called the next day and said the donor had decided to give us $4000.  Would that be ok?  Would that be ok??????? So, we made our first payment.  Over the next few years we had various payments and the money was always available. 

Fast forward to January 2010.  We were matched with our precious Ren.  Which meant we owed China about $9000 and it would be about $10000 to travel.  Of course we had been saving but we did not have $19000.  We had seen the video  'Miracle in Franklin" and we always teased each other and said, "Where are our tramploline people?"  Well, we don't have trampoline people, but we do have Rook people!  One night we were playing Rook with another couple.  In the middle of the Rook game the wife just stopped and said, "Ok.  We have been saving for two years for something.  We did not know what the Lord wanted us to use it for, but now we know.  The money is for you guys to bring your baby home!''  Even typing those words, I am still blown away.  A few days later, we received a check for $10000.  In the memo line they had written, "For God's Plan"!  I don't even know what else to say..... but God is faithful even to unfaithful people like me.

So, Ren "cost" about $30000.  But if we had been detered by the cost, we would have never experienced the unbelievable, miraculous hand of our Heavenly Father and not to mention being the parents of one little,  sassy Chinese girl!


  1. And the reward is a priceless child who had no family to call her own. What a blessing to you both and what a way to honor God.

  2. That's one of the most amazing stories I have ever heard! What wonderful people God has placed in your life Renee. That's truly amazing!

  3. I know...I get the same question all the time!

    And just "wow!" to your story.

  4. What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful how God works.