Friday, January 21, 2011

Old Faithful


Psalm 57:10  For great is Your love, reaching to the heavens; Your FAITHFULNESS stretches to the sky!

Back in July we took a family road trip out west.  One of our stops was to see Old Faithful.  Did you know how that geiser got it's name?  It is very consistent.  It shoots scalding water 60-100ft in the air, every thirty minutes, faithfully!  It truly is amazing.  It is a testament to the unbelievable creation of our Lord, but what happened while we visited Old Faithful is even more miraculous.

In April 2010, we had revival at our church.  My precious sister-in-law sat in the back of the service.  She said she was praying and telling the Lord, "I know you want me to take care of orphans Lord.  I will do what you want me to.  I will adopt as many as you tell me to, but you will have to drop them in my lap". (Keep in mind she has three biological sons; Griffin 14, Stanton 11, and Lawson 9). I love the way she prayed.  Little did she know that the very next day, the answer to that prayer would be "dropped in her lap".  One on her friends is a foster parent.  They were fostering a little girl.  She called Mandi that very next morning and said that she knew who needed to adopt the little girl.  Mandi having no idea what was about to happen said, "Who?"  Her friend then proceeded to tell her that the Lord had put it on her heart, just the night before, that Mandi needed to adopt the little girl!  Mandi said ok!  She then called my brother-in-law, who was completely unaware about the prayer she had prayed.  She told him about the phone call.  He asked her if she wanted to adopt the little girl.  Mandi said yes.  And my dear brother-in-law said then do everything you can to get her!

Since the little girl was in foster care and Mandi and Davy weren't on a waiting list, they were told the only way they could adopt, would be if the mom signed her rights over directly to them.  Considering the mom was on the run, her own family didn't know where she was, and DFACS couldn't find her, we thought all hope was lost.  The biological grandmother left voice mails for the mother.  She told her to be at the lawyers office to sign the adoption papers.  No one knew if she received the messages, much less if she would show up.

Right after we witnessed the eruption of Old Faithful, we got a phone call from Mandi.  The biological mother showed up at the lawyers office, (from Texas), and signed the papers!  I could not control my emotions!  Ren's forever family day is August 25 and Milli Gaile Davis was added to our family, six days later.  So now we have two little girls running around!  We are overwhelmed by the Lord's love that reaches to the heavens and His faithfulness that stretches to the skies!

Milli and Mommy

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  1. You know, they even look alike! God is so faithful!